Ævanex stickers



We hear throughout our childhood that the monsters in our closets aren’t real. As we grow older, we say our goodbyes to those imaginary creatures that made us pull the blanket over our heads and tuck them under our toes. But what if those monsters are real? What if they really weren’t as scary as our younger selves imagined them to be and the larger than reality shadows they casted upon our moonlit bedroom walls were really by fluffy doe-eyed creatures that simply want to be remembered and loved just like the human children they guard whilst they slept?

Flitting on bat-like wings, Ævanex fly through good little childrens’ dreamlands and make sure that the real boogeyman in their lives do not disturb their slumber. It transforms to a fluffy stuffed animal dragon that wee little lads and lasses hold onto while they dream of riding dragons flying through kingdoms in the clouds. Ævanex’s most important duty is eating nightmares and painting rainbows for those who are caught in proverbial thunderstorms. It is a creature most content when its wards are creating endless possibilities in their sleep, whether it be sherbert-colored skies with gumdrop stars or a world where everything is upside down and gravity is but a faint idea.

As long as imagination is alive, Ævanex will never follow too far behind closed eyes and open minds falling into the endless library shelves of infinite realities.
Story written by Jenn Lin of Alacrity Productions.
Vector by Emi Giovannini of Emimonster Art

These are roughly 2.5 inches tall weather proof and durable!